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Manpower Availability

BACK GROUND : The present economy of Bangladesh not being in a state absorb the full range of available professional, Technical, skilled, semi skilled and unskilled manpower. There is need to find employment abroad for a sizeable number of them. There are also a number of foreign countries that are in need of importing from labor surplus countries like Bangladesh. In this context, Bangladesh is being increasingly considered by the foreign employers as one of the major sources to cater to their growing manpower needs. Amongst the manpower exporting countries of the region Bangladesh offers the most competitive salary, terms & conditions of service. The Bangladeshi workers are proverbially loyal, religious, disciplined and hardworking and have rare quality of adaptability to new situations. With the advancement of science & Technology all over the world & sharing of the same globally, the need for professionally & Technically qualified people since been increased and it’s movement from one country to other also increased. So long developed world depends on the developing and under developed countries for workers to perform mainly odd jobs but new-a days they are glowingly depending on the them for High-tech personnel in all sector of their economy specially in IT sector. In the backdrop of such a situation, manpower surplus countries in the world are coming forward to invest much more for human resources development and transferring their manpower where there is a need for them. Bangladesh being a manpower surplus country has put due emphasis on human resource development. Bangladesh is able to supply almost all the categories of work people to cater to the needs of a modern economy. It is now connected with super highway information technology through sub-marine cable worldwide.

Category of Exportable Manpower from Bangladesh
Administrative Professional & related staff: IT Engineers & Technician cost accountants, Chartered accountants, Accounts assistant, Managers, Secretaries, Stenographers, Typists, Salesmen, Sales assistant, Clerks, Telex operators, Computer operators, Computer programmer, Store keepers, Cardex clerks Librarians, Receptionists, Translators, Interpreters, Imams, Office assistant, Office Boys etc.

Engineering: Architects, Civil, Electronic, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Chemical, Aeronautical, Aero-space, Automobile, Marine, Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Quantity surveyor, Project Managers etc. Most of them are literate in computer operating & Designing (CAD)

Medical: Bangladesh has facilities for imparting graduate and post- graduate level medical education and training in the country. Facilities exist in the country for turning out around 2000 medical Graduates and 100 Dental surgeons every year. A sizeable number of General Practitioner, Specialist, Consultants are available for employment abroad in all disciplines of medical faculty. Similarly, Training facilities exist in the country to train Blood bank technicians, Radiotherapist, Physiotherapist, X-ray Technicians, Radiographers, Compound’s, Dressers, Dental Technicians Health assistants, Sanitary

Foreman: Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, Automobiles, Welding, Sheet Metal Workshop, General Workshop, Blacksmith, Electroplating, Landscaping etc.

Skilled Craftsmen: Interior E Exterior Decorators, Wood Carving, Shuttering & Furniture Carpenters, Glass Fitters, Aluminum Fabricators, Gypsum workers, Sign Writers, Neon sign, Rattan furniture etc.

Construction Workers: Masons, Block Layers, Plasterers, Floor Finishers, Tiles & Marble Fixers, Painters, Scaffolders, Shuttering Carpenter, Steel Fixers,

Electricians: Commercial, Domestic, HTV, LTV, Show room Illumination, Street Lighting, Overhead, Underground, Concealed wiring, Power Line, Automobile, Light/Heavy Equipment (Auto) etc.

Draftsmen: Mechanical/ Civil/ Electrical, etc.

Mechanics & Heavy Equipment Operators: Shovel Operator, Bulldozer Operator, Grader Operator, Dumper Operator, Asphalt/Batching Plant operator, Horizontal Boring Mill operator, Vertical Boring Mill operator, Centre Lathe Turner, General purpose Machine Operator, Lift/Tractor/tiller/Boiler Mechanics etc.

Auto Section (Petrol & Diesel) : Mechanics, Electricians, Fitters, Air conditioners, Workshop Supervisors, Light / Heavy Duty Drivers, Operators, Dentures, Spray, Painters, Welders, Service station staff etc.

Agriculture & Horticulture: All types of Agricultural & Gardening: Laborers, Supervisors, All types of Agriculture Machine & Tool Operator.

Hotel & Catering: All types of Administrative & Security Staff, Stewards, Room Boys, Bus Boy, Bearers, Chef, Chef D’ party, Cooks, Dish-Washers, Laundrymen, Receptionist, Telephone, Operators, Bell Boys, Store Keepers, Accountants, Cashiers, Food & Beverage Staff, House Keeping, Gardeners, Front Office etc.

Air Condition & Refrigeration Staff: Central / Split and Window type. Air-Condition Mechanics, Refrigeration Mechanics, Cold Storage Mechanics, Ice Plant Mechanics, Ice Plant Mechanics, Ice-cream Machine Mechanics & Operator, etc.

 Municipal Staff: Roads & Building Construction workers, Technicians, Supervisors, Town Planners, Gardening & City Beautification workers, Administrators, Vehicle Inspectors, Sanitary Inspectors, Health Officers, Sewerage System Operators, Rent / Tax Collectors, Supervisors, Sweepers, Cleaners, Garbage Truck Operator.

Shipping & Ports : Deck Officers, Masters, Marine Engineers, Engine Drives, Crane Operators, Forklift Drivers, Marine Diesel Mechanics, Electrical & Radar Operators, Deck & Engine Crew, Mechanics, Tally Clerks, Clearing & Forwarding Staff, Serang, Crews, Topaz, Marine surveyors, Light House Mechanics, Container handling staff etc.

Garment Workers: General Manager, Production Manager, Merchandiser, Commercial Managers, Finance Manager, accountants, Store Keepers, Cutting / Pattern Master, Sampalmen, Supervisors, Q.C. In charge, Q.C. Inspector, Electricians, Mechanics, Time Keepers, Machine Operators, Helpers, Security Staffs, Cleaners, Drivers, Iron men, finishing men etc.

Welders & other Categories: High Pressure Welders, including x-ray /TIG / MIG? Argob / 6g Gas /Electrical & other categories of welders, Steel Fixers, Pipe Fitters, Laborers & helpers (semi-skilled and unskilled), Painters, Printing, Press staff, Medical Staff, Airline Staff, Sheet metal Workers, Blacksmiths, Book Binders, etc.

Laborers & Helpers : Highly-skilled / Skilled, Semi-skilled/ Un-skilled Laborers for all works including Construction, Agriculture, Industry, Ports, Refinery, Mines, Municipalities, Hospitals, Indoor, Airport cleaner & Outdoor works etc. with GCC experience.

Personnel Exported form Bangladesh
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