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Departure Formalities

A.Passport :
In most cases the applicants who are looking for employment abroad do have their passports. Torque International Co. Ltd. also assist the selected workers who do not have passport to obtain passport as quickly as possible. There is provision for issuing passport on urgent basis. The character and antecedents of each person are being verified by the Police before issuing International passport.

B.Application for visa :
Embassy in Bangladesh will apply for visa in case in case of block visa if country in which the workers are traveling has an Embassy in Bangladesh. This is the prevalent practice. The employer may obtain NOC/Work Permit/Visa advice for the selected workers. In case there is no Embassy in Bangladesh of the particular country, it is the responsibility of the Employer to obtain necessary visa for traveling & entry to his country.

C.Ticketing & Emigration formalities :
The employer may send PTA or remit necessary traveling expenses in favour of Embassy in Bangladesh. If employers so not provide joining air ticket, workers will pay for joining air ticket. Torque International Co. Ltd. obtain Emigration clearance from the concerned Govt. Departments of Bangladesh & arrange air ticket for the selected workers.

D.Briefing before Departure :
Torque International Co. Ltd. undertake the responsibility of providing basic orientation for traveling to foreign countries. The workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities and given firsthand information on work environment, rules, regulations and social & cultural tradition of that country. They are specially cautioned to maintain discipline and to follow strictly rules and regulation of the Company.

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