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Bangladesh at a Glance

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION : Bangladesh stretches between 20.34 and 26.38 north latitude & 88.01 and 92.41 east longitude. Area 1,43,998 square kilometers. Landmass generally plain & fertile with exception of hilly areas in the north eastern side. On the south it is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, India, Myanmar, Nepal & Bhutan are its neighboring countries.

CLIMATE : It lies in tropical belt having the variation of temperature varying from 10 C to 35 C between summer & winter. Annual rainfall average 78.8 inches. Winter is normally cold but summer is hot & humid. October to February are pleasant months.

TIME : 06 hrs ahead of G.M.T

POPULATION : 130 million. About 86% of the population are Muslim. It is the second Largest Muslim country in the world. Hindus, Christians and Buddhist and a small segment of tribal people constitute the minority groups. The Constitution of the Country guarantees equal right for each citizen irrespective cast, creed & religion.

LANGUAGE : Bengali is the state language. English is widely used both for written & spoken. Arabic is read in almost every house of the Muslims.

CAPAITAL : DHAKA with an area of 815.85 square kilometers and a population of more than 10 million is the capital of Bangladesh. The area of the capital is expanding very fast with high rise building and modern road net work.

MAJOR CITIES & PORTS : Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet & Barisal are the major cities of Bangladesh. Two sea ports are located at Chittagong & Mongla. Dhaka is connected with the rest of the world with almost major Air lines of the globe. Zia International Airport at Dhaka, Shah Amanat International Airport at Chittagong and Osmani International Airport at Sylhet connect Bangladesh with the outside world. Besides there is a wide network of domestic Airports connecting the major cities by national Air Lines and private Air Lines as well.

CREDITES CARDS : All internationally recognized credit cards are accepted by Hotels. Departmental stores, shopping mall & commercial establishments.

VISAS : A valid visa is required to enter into Bangladesh. The nearest Bangladesh messions abroad usually issues visas liberally to the visiting personalities of friendly & brotherly countries. Bangladesh is a prominent member of the many organization for mutual co-pertain.

CURRENCY : The currency unit of Bangladesh is the Taka (1=100 paisa). Currency notes are available in denominations of 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 & 500. The exchange rates approximately TK, 69 per US Dollar.

HOLIDAY : Weekly govt. holidays are Friday & Saturday. Some Banks & Private officer work on Saturday.

TYPE OF GOVT. : The country is named as peoples Republic of Bangladesh, having a parliamentary system of government. The country is widely known as a moderate Muslim country having a truly demarcates form of administration from the grass root level . Bangladesh is a prominent member of OIC and also member of many International and regional organizations

EDUCATION : Bangladesh inherited a well-developed education and training system from the British, which has been further improved to meet the national requirement. 27 General Universities, 2 Universities of Engineering and Technology, 2 Agricultural Universities, 1 Medical University, 18 Medical colleges, 4 Engineering Colleges, 4 Bangladesh Institutes of Technology & 10 Agricultural Colleges are producing every year hundreds of science, arts, commerce, engineering & medical graduates. Besides, there are a large number of technical institutions for training of thousands of personnel in the much needed trades and vocations. More then 50 private University having the facilities of credit transfer to major Universities of world have been imparting world class education.

PRINCIPAL CROPS : Rice, Wheat, Jute, Cotton, Tea, Tobacco, Sugarcane, Pulses, Oil, Seeds, Spices, Potato, Green Vegetables, Banana, Mango, Coconut, Pineapple, Water melon, etc. are major crops.

PRINCIPAL INDUSTRIES : Jute and cotton Textiles, Garment, Tea, Sugar, Newsprint, Cements, Fertilizer, Oil, Refinery, General Engineering and shipbuilding, Telephone sate and equipment, Electric and Electronic, Telephone cables, Steel, Leather & Pharmaceutical Industries etc.

PRINCIPAL MINERALS : Natural Gas and Oil, Lime stone, Ceramic clay, Glass sand, Hard rock, Coal, etc.

PRINCIPAL EXPORTS : Raw jute and goods, Ready made garments, Hides & skin & Finished Leather, Frozen shrimp and fish, Tea, Fresh vegetables, Fruits, Flower, Cosmetics, Food products, Fine rice, Handicrafts, Toiletries, Medicines, Ceramic and melamine products.

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