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Formalities of Recruitment

The procedures required to be followed by the Foreign Employers for recruitment of Bangladeshi workers are very simple. These are indicated below :

     A. Placement of Demand Letter for workers.
               The Foreign Employers who are looking forward to utilize the services of Torque International Co. Ltd. for employment of Bangladeshi workers may contact Torque Preferably through Fax/e-mail/phone followed by a formal Demand Letter. The Demand Letter should include (i) Type of workers required (ii) Nature of word, (iii) Number of workers, (iv) Wages/Salary (v) Qualifications and experience and others terms and conditions of service. (Specimen of Demand Letter at Annex-II)

 B. Power of Attorney
               If Visa is required to be stamped in Bangladesh for selected workers, the Employer is required to authorize Torque International Co. Ltd. to recruit workers and apply for visa and to perform others formalities with the concerned authorities. The Power of Attorney should be attested by the Foreign Ministry of the host country and thereafter by the Bangladesh Mission / Labour Attaché in that country. If a Recruiting Agent of a foreign country is wiling to deal with Torque International Co. Ltd., he should forward his registration certificate to us. (Specimen of Power of Attorney at Annex-III)

 C. Visa Advice / NOC / Work Permit
               Documents granting permission from the Competent Authority for employment of Bangladeshi workers in that Country i.e. Visa Advice / NOC / Work Permit to be sent well in advance before departure of workers.

D. Employment Contract
               Individual Employment Contract Form in English is required to be sent to Torque International Co. Ltd in which the following conditions are to be clearly stated : (i) Name of the post, (ii) Monthly Salary / Wages, (iii) Duration of Contract, (iv) Accommodation, (v) Local Transportation, (vi) Traveling expenses after termination of contract, (vii) Overtime Allowances, (viii) Medical Treatment (ix) Weekly & Annual Holidays The unspecified conditions shall be in accordance to the Labour Laws of the host country. (Sample of Employment Agreement at Annex-iv)

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